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Our goal is to provide you with the VERY best piano, digital piano, keyboard or player system available at the lowest possible price. As such, you don't have to wait for a piano sale to get a great deal at Gist. Stop in any time and we'll get you the best price we can!

Piano Sales at Gist

From time to time, our business partners will create time-sensitive incentives that add further value (and urgency) to your purchase experience. When that happens, we will provide information regarding that event here. keep your eyes peeled for some great stuff coming up!

As always, we value you and appreciate your ongoing support of our family and our business team. For over 40 years, Gist Piano Center has been Kentuckiana's best source for pianos, digital pianos, keyboards and player systems... and we look forward to another 40 years!

Thanks again for visiting us. We look forward to seeing you in one of our stores very soon!

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