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Knabe WKG-53KBF

5'3" Concert Series Baby Grand Piano

Knabe Pianos - Designed by Klaus Fenner
WKG-53KBF Knabe Grand Piano

Knabe WKG-53KBF Baby Grand Piano

A beautifully balanced and articulated design, the WKG-53KBF Concert Series baby grand piano is a perfect example of curved-leg French d├ęcor. Knabe Concert Series Pianos are made of the finest, time-tested materials from around the world. Each incorporates over 300 years of piano design experience. Their various components are crafted and assembled by the some of the finest piano makers from Korea, Indonesia, Germany, Canada, and the United States.

Available Finishes:

Mahogany Satin Finish Knabe Baby Grand Piano Walnut Satin Finish Knabe Baby Grand Piano Cherry Satin Finish Knabe Baby Grand Piano
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