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Brodmann PE-130

52" Professional Edition Studio Upright Piano

Brodmann Pianos - Designed by Bosendorfer
PE-130 Brodmann Professional Studio Upright Piano - Exclusively at Gist Piano Center Brass Corner Logo and Extruded, Convex Side Columns with Outcurved Top Lid PE-130 Brodmann Professional Edition Logo with Outcurved Side Panel PE-130 Brodmann Professional Studio Upright Piano  - Exclusively at Gist Piano Center PE-130  Brodmann Sustain Pedal, Practice Pedal and Una Corda Pedal The Brodmann PE-130's Long-Fiber, Grey-Iron Vacuum-Cast Plate The famous Strunz Soundboards on every Brodmann PE-130 are made by hand in Germany. The Famous Abel Hammers - Made in Germany - PE-130 Brodmann Upright Piano Every Brodmann PE-130 Upright Piano features an all wood action by Langer, UK. Solid, Hardwood Frame with Fully-Notched Austrian White Spruce Ribs

Brodmann PE-130 Upright Piano

The secret of the Brodmann pianos lies in the fact that they are European-designed and built in the Viennese piano tradition. Using European components such as German soundboards and ribs, German hammers, Swedish steel strings and even American pin blocks, Brodmann pianos represent the finest materials and craftsmanship available in a mid-priced piano. Come and experience the warmth and depth of a truly Old-World sound as only a European-designed piano can deliver. Explore a piano action that is so responsive - even the finest players are delighted by its control and expression. Play a Brodmann piano today - exclusively at Gist Piano Center - and rediscover the pleasure of playing the piano.

With a sound that could easily rival most baby grand pianos, the Brodmann PE-130 is the perfect choice for a discerning pianist with limited space. At 52" high, it offers the deep growl of a grand piano bass mixed with the subtle tonal texture of a much more expensive instrument. Its delicate, complex overtones wash over the player with the clarity that has become widely associated with handcrafted, European instruments. It is truly a joy to play. The PE-130 also comes with an adjustable artist bench (a rare feature on upright pianos) and a 10-year Parts and Labor warranty.

Brodmann Studip Upright Piano PE-130 Ebony Polish

The Brodmann Piano Story

Joseph Brodmann was born in 1763 in Deuna in Eichsfeld, Prussia (known today as Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany). As a young man, he came to Vienna and became the apprentice of the well-known piano builder Frederick Hoffmann. His hard work, attention to detail and prominent ingenuity drove Joseph Brodmann to become one of the most sought-after piano builders in the World. At the height of his fame, such iconic names as Ludwig v. Beethoven and Carl Maria von Weber purchased and endorsed his handcrafted pianos.

Brodmann's most famous pupil began working for him at age 19. There he finished his apprenticeship under Brodmann’s expert tutelage and went on to build a number of Brodmann pianos in the Brodmann factory. As time went on, Brodmann and his “ingenuous pupil” became very close – until, in 1828, Joseph Brodmann retired and left his business – and his designs with his star pupil: Ignaz Bosendorfer. Taking everything he had learned from Brodmann, Bosendorfer went on to build the first Bosendorfer pianos in the Brodmann factory and then – to take his own pianos to international fame.

Available Finishes:

Ebony Polish Finish Brodmann Upright Piano

Special Order Finishes:

Ebony Satin Finish Brodmann Upright Piano Walnut Polish Finish Brodmann Upright PianoMahogany Polish Finish Brodmann Upright Piano
Brodmann Pianos - Exclusively at Gist Piano Center

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