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Baldwin B-243

47" Legacy Series Studio Upright Piano

Baldwin Pianos
B-243 Baldwin Hamilton School Studio Upright Piano Full-width Rest for Maximum Print Music Capacity Top Grade Spruce Soundboard with Notched Ribs Hornbeam Hammers with Premium Royal George Felt All-Wood, Baldwin-Patented Stealth Action M-Shaped Balance Rail for Precision Key Height Adjustment Baldwin-Exclusive Practice Bar Lever AND Bass Sustain Pedal Baldwin-Patented Accu-just Hitch Pins for Unbelievable Bass Tone Solid Wood Pedal Levers for Response, Silent Control Baldwin Hamilton School Piano Cabinet with Lock

Baldwin Hamilton School Studio Piano

First introduced in 1939, the Baldwin Hamilton B-243 models are the company’s best-selling of all-time, with nearly 500,000 units sold Worldwide. This is due, in part, to the B-243’s Full Blow™ Direct Stealth Action - which delivers an exceptionally responsive touch. The length of the B-243's No. 1 bass string equals that of Baldwin’s smallest grand piano, delivering exceptional grand piano-like tone. The sound is big, rich and resonant, and its unique scale design produces deep and clear bass notes combined with sparkling, well-defined highs. The B243's cabinet design is both contemporary and classic, work with any decorating scheme. Play today's Baldwin Hamilton - "America's Favorite Piano" - exclusively at Gist Piano Center.

"Key" Baldwin Features

  • Premium Spruce Soundboard for superior tone color and projection.
  • Spruce Ribs are notched into the frame for greater longevity and amplification.
  • 100% Virgin Wool Hammers with Royal George Felt for superior clarity and resonance.
  • Baldwin-Patented All-Wood, Full-Blow Direct Stealth Action for unparalleled expression.
  • Baldwin-Patented Accu-Just Hitch Pins for increased accuracy and superb bass tone.
  • Baldwin-Exclusive "Humidity-Proof" Pinblock keeps your piano in tune longer.
  • Chrome-Plated, Cut-Thread Tuning Pins greatly reduce your maintenance expenses.
  • Solid Spruce Keys are individually weighted and fitted with hard wood key buttons for unmatched precision and control.
  • Baldwin-Exclusive All-Wood Pedal Levers for precise and silent pedaling.

Baldwin Cabinet Features

  • Full-Width Music Rest
  • Locking Lid and Key Cover
  • Straight Front Legs with Toe Block Support
  • Double-Rubber Casters
  • Bass Sustain Pedal AND Practice Mute Lever

Available Finishes:

Ebony Satin Finish Baldwin Studio Upright Piano Walnut Satin Finish Baldwin Studio Upright Piano
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