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Church Recommendations: Grand Pianos

Brodmann PE-228 Conservatory Grand Piano
7'5"" Conservatory Grand Piano
From a gentle whisper to the roar of a concert grand, this piano brings clarity and depth to every single note.
Brodmann AS-227 Conservatory Grand Piano
7'4" Conservatory Grand Piano
Designed as the ideal piano for universities, recording studios and churches, this grand piano is handcrafted in Germany.
Knabe WFM-700T 6-foot 10-inch Academy Series Conservatory Grand Piano
6'10" Conservatory Grand Piano
Never before has this much piano been so affordable. Rich and thunderous, this piano is an excellent choice for larger spaces.
Baldwin BP-190 Parlor Grand Piano
6'3" Parlor Grand Piano
Powerful enough to fill a large room, studio or sanctuary with concert-sized sound, the Baldwin BP-190 is a must for larger spaces.
Brodmann PE-187 Parlor Grand Piano
6'2" Parlor Grand Piano
The most critically-acclaimed piano in Brodmann's lineup the PE-187 offers Hamburg features at a much more attractive price.
Knabe WMG-660 6-foot 1-inch grand piano
6'1" Parlor Grand Piano
Designed for churches with a limited budget, this grand piano offers an incredible performance at a price few brands could match.
Baldwin BP-178 Parlor Grand Piano
5'10" Parlor Grand Piano
The most popular of Baldwin's Professional Series grand pianos, the BP-178 offers the perfect sound and a perfect price.

Church Recommendations: Upright Pianos

Brodmann PE-121 Professional Studio Upright Piano
48" Professional Upright Piano
Easily one of the most popular-selling upright pianos we've ever seen, the PE-121 is perfect for players of all ages and skill levels.
Baldwin B-243 School Studio Upright Piano
47" School Studio Upright Piano
A modern take on the most popular school pianos ever built, the Baldwin B-243 offers the power and durability music schools demand.
Knabe WMV-247 47-inch Institutional Professional Upright Piano
47" Institutional Upright Piano
Designed to meet or exceed district bid specs and player expectations alike, this beautiful instrument is a joy to play. Locking lid, fallboard.

Church Recommendations: Digital Pianos

The Roland Baby Grand Digital Grand Piano
Digital Baby Grand Piano
A 7-speaker Acoustic Projection™ sound system, piano modeling technology, and Bluetooth make this piano the ultimate digital grand experience!
Roland LX-17 Digital Upright Piano
Digital Upright Piano
The LX-17 is packed with a massive, 8-speaker Acoustic Projection™ sound system, modeling technology, a hybrid action and Bluetooth.
Roland FP-90 Portable Digital Piano
Portable Digital Piano
Ideal for praise bands and contemporary worship settings, the FP-90 offers top-grade features like Bluetooth and microphone auto harmony.
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