Gist Piano Center
I Heart 80s Piano Recital

I Heart 80s!

Lexington: Saturday, March 4

Ok. You guys are going to HAVE A COW about this one! Gist Piano Center is back with yet another RAD theme'd recital for dudes and dudettes of ALL ages!

Hike up your leg warmers and tease up that hair. It's time for 'I Heart 80s!'

Emceed by the truly BODACIOUS Erin Tuttle, I Heart 80s is a blast to the past featuring WICKED music from the greatest decade ever! Fer sure!

Don't be a dweeb. Sign up and get into the mix. You will NOT want to miss this AWESOME event! Students should come ready for their perfect "80s Yearbook Photos" (which we will be taking during the show) - complete with THE TALLEST hair - and the HOTTEST pinks ever seen!

After the show, we'll post those yearbook pics on our Facebook page and give parents (and TEACHERS) a chance to post their own 80s selfies along with. We'll select the pair (or trio!) of 80s photos we heart most and they will win a $25 Gist Certificate good for music or service in one of our stores! Cool beans! HELLO, McFly! Get signed up TODAY and start saving up for all the hairspray you'll need for I Heart 80s - coming to Gist Piano Center Lexington!

Got something better to do? As if!

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