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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Child a Portable Keyboard for Christmas

Do not buy a portable keyboardI’ve seen it time and time again – cautious, yet well-meaning, parents purchasing portable keyboards to see if their student is going to “stick with” piano lessons.  …and I can understand why.  Pianos (and piano lessons) are expensive.  Nobody wants to invest thousands of dollars into a fleeting fancy.  Most parents are willing to support their child’s musical hobby as long as they have some indication that their child seriously wants to play.

That is where most parents go wrong.

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James Tours Roland’s American Piano Factory

The question of “How it’s Made” comes up often when discussing digital pianos.  Thus, in this issue of “Ask James,” I’ve decided to take you on a tour through Roland’s American Piano Factory to show you how they build their incredible digital pianos.  Watch this short, three and a half minute video and notice how much hand labor goes into each Roland digital piano.  You will clearly see why Roland is the only digital piano I recommend for lessons students!