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How to Buy a Digital Piano, A Parents’ Dilemma

Your VCR is a mystery, you can’t text message, you’re unfamiliar with Facebook, and you’re still wondering why your portable telephone has a camera in it.  Worse yet, your child’s piano teacher wants you to buy something called a “Clavinova.”  You’re buried in electronics you can’t even pronounce – let alone operate!  What do you do? 

Marc Yu plays a Roland

Child prodigy, Marc Yu, plays a concerto on a Roland digital grand piano.

First of all, sit back and take a deep breath.  While it’s true that – from now on – your life will be a gauntlet of digital gadgetry, it’s also true that you will eventually adjust to this new, electronic pace.  The trick to making your transition easier is to do a little research before you face a salesman half your age with twice your digital knowledge and dollar signs in his eyes. 

In the case of digital pianos, there are a few guidelines that you should write down and take with you to the piano showroom.  You want to make sure you’re getting the instrument that best fits your needs, but you also want to make sure that your investment in sound will be (if you’ll forgive me) a sound investment.  Here are a few tips for you first-time digital piano shoppers: Continue reading