Something Spooky This Way Comes

Halloween Piano Students

The Search Begins…

In October of 2009, several piano students disappeared at Gist Piano Center while performing a recital.  A year later, their concert footage was found.  Undeterred by this terrifying setback, several more piano students attended a recital at Gist in October of 2010.  They too disappeared.  The only record of their horrific experience came from a digital camcorder that happened to record the entire event.  After hours of work, experts were able to salvage two minutes and 56 seconds of video from that recital.  Determined to find these missing students, authorities at Gist posted this haunting video online – hoping that someone would know where these students had gone.  You can still see that video >here< – but beware.  Once you do, you may never sleep soundly again.

Now, exactly one year later, students are gathering in record numbers to search the Haunted Steinway Halls in Louisville and Lexington – looking for some sign of their missing comrades and exploring all of their various music theories.

Legend has it that every Halloweekend (most likely starting from this Halloweekend), missing boos and gouls will bring their favorite Halloween music TO LIFE at Gist Piano Center’s Haunted Steinway Hall and you won’t want to be there when they do – but you have no choice.  Nobody can resist Halloween candy – not even you.

It’s time to stop running.  Gather your courage.  Bring your flashlight.  Don your best costume and come ready to battle the evil forces of boredom as Kentucky braces for Halloweekend, 2011.  Make your way through the fog and experience ghastly performances as Kentuckiana students unleash their talent upon the innocent.  You’ll experience eerie vocalizations from local kids – shocking performances on an electrified piano – and monstrous melodies from Kentucky’s own Frankensteinway.  We’ll all be lucky to survive!

The search begins this October.  Ask your piano teacher to make your “final arrangements” with Amber between September 19th and October 1st.  …but hurry.  Kentuckiana students are just dying to get into Halloweekend and there’s only so much room in the dark…The Halloweekend Logo

For more information about this unsettling event, visit the Halloweekend website – and don’t forget to click the “Like” button.  Two lucky winners will take home a CAULDRON of Halloween candy, but you have to be a Gist Fan on Facebook and you have to click that “Like” button!

Halloweekend is a “spooky, but not scary” part of Gist Piano Center’s Partners In Education outreach program.  Designed to increase participation in the Arts, P.I.E. provides fun and informal performance opportunities for Kentuckiana students and their teachers.  Halloweekend is appropriate for all ages and adults are welcome to play – IF YOU DARE!

Sneak up on this season’s spooks.  Get your Halloween music now and save 20% through October first.  Halloween music is now available in both Gist locations and the savings are… scary.


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