Piano Falls Off the Truck

Old upright pianos (IE – anything taller than 52″) are clunky, hard to move and nearly impossible to repair. Any replacement parts will have to be made by hand and these pianos have no resale value (unless they are Steinways). Thus, when the Gist Delivery Team picked up this old clunker, they knew just how to dispose of it…


6 thoughts on “Piano Falls Off the Truck

  1. Dr. Alice Cash

    Hi Guys,

    I know it’s supposed to be funny, but I can’t help but think of the thousands of hours of pleasure and enjoyment that this piano brought to excited children, accomplished adults, and fading grandparents. Even if it can’t be repaired and has no resale value, I think it deserves respect. Call me an old fogey if you want.

    Alice Cash

  2. James Harding Post author

    Excellent point, Dr. Cash. Thank you for your comment. Sadly, so few pianos receive the care and maintenance that they need . We’re forced to dispose of pianos like this on a weekly basis. Most of the time, we quietly take them to the dump. This time, however, we decided to use this piano as an amusing – yet cautionary – tale. Take care of your piano and it will provide you countless years of enjoyment. Mistreat or neglect your piano, and this will be all that’s left.

    By the way, you all should check out Dr. Cash’s blog. She is at the heart of the cutting-edge science of music in healing. Fascinating stuff.

  3. James Harding Post author

    Thanks for your comment, Greg. If you liked this video, stick around for our big YouTube event on July 27. James and Barrett will saw a piano in half (for educational purposes, of course). Thanks again for reading!

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