New App Makes Roland Digital Pianos Even Better

Roland Piano Partner 2 App

Roland’s FREE “Piano Partner” app is available now for iOS and Android devices.  Click photo for details.

Last weekend, Roland introduced the highly-anticipated sequel to their wildly popular “Piano Partner” app:  Piano Partner 2… and we couldn’t love it more.

Unlike the original Piano Partner, Piano Partner 2 is available for BOTH iOS devices (like the iPad) and Android devices.  Also, unlike the previous app, Piano Partner 2 connects to the piano wirelessly via Bluetooth (instead of the quirky and less reliable WIFI technology featured in the previous app).  These two upgrades alone would be praise-worthy, but the biggest news is what the new app does!  Like Piano Partner, Piano Partner 2 allows compatible Roland Digital Piano Owners to change the sounds on their piano or play on-board songs with a simple pp2-rhythmstouch of the tablet screen.  Users can adjust the playback speed, mute one or both hands, and play along with metronome or customized accompaniment.  Also like the previous app, Piano Partner 2 includes a powerful flashcards game that challenges the player with either note recognition or ear training skills at a variety of experience levels.  NEW to Piano Partner 2, however, is the Rhythms feature.  With Rhythms, Piano Partner 2 users can build their piano skills with intelligent accompaniments that follow the chords you play.

…and the best part?  Piano Partner 2 is FREE.

pp2-digiscoreDesigned to operate with the following Roland Digital Piano Models:  LX-17, LX-7, HP-605, HP-603, F140R, and FP-30, Piano Partner 2 is yet another FREE upgrade to these incredible instruments – further proof that Bluetooth technology has forever changed the face of the Music Industry.  Now, as new software comes out, Roland owners can enjoy a myriad of new features with a simple software update.  The sky’s the limit!

How to Get the New App

Do you own one of the Roland digital pianos listed above?  If so, you need to do three things to get your piano ready for the new app.  First, go to your app store and download Piano Partner 2.  Secondly, you need to update your Roland Piano to Version 1.09.  This video can show you how to do that:  CLICK HERE.  Finally, you need to go into the Functions Menu and make sure Bluetooth MIDI is turned on.  Once you do this, you’re all set!  Watch the video below for a step-by-step walkthrough.  It’s easy and we’re always here if you need help!

More Roland Digital Piano Apps

CLICK HERE to visit the Gist Piano Center Pinterest Page and see the other Roland Digital Piano Apps that we recommend.  With every new app, you will find more ways to love your Roland piano!


24 thoughts on “New App Makes Roland Digital Pianos Even Better

  1. Erik

    I downloaded this app on my iphone, but it gives me the an error message when it tries to ‘acquire the data’ right after it connects with the FP-30. Is this because im using an iphone?

  2. James Harding Post author

    Hi, Erik. Thanks for your question. Sadly, yes. The app is not compatible with the iPhone. It’s compatible with IOS: iPad (3rd generation), iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro. (Requires iOS 9.2 or later.) It’s also compatible with most Android tablets (resolution 1,280 x 768 or bigger) with a resolution of 1280×768 or greater and Bluetooth 4.0. I hope that helps!

  3. John Hunt

    Sorry James, but Piano Partner 2 is definitely compatible with iPhone. I set my Roland FP-90 and iPhone SE up in 5 minutes via Bluetooth and it works seamlessly. Also the Roland website states clearly that this app works with iPhone. Erik, you may need to update your FP-30 to the latest firmware from Roland US. Piano Partner 2 is good, but the available accompaniments in the Rhythm section are limited in number currently, and I can’t find out if Roland are proposing to extend this rather sparse range. Hope that helps.

  4. James Harding Post author

    Hi, John! Thanks for the message. Had you not sent that, I’d probably have never updated this comment. The NEW version of Piano Partner 2 (Version 1.2) is now compatible with iPhone 4s and later as well as the Apple Watch. This was not the case with the initial release… but they have fixed a few bugs and expanded the compatibility greatly based on customer feedback. Hopefully, it will now work fine for Erik. Also, I am not optimistic about any expansions to the included drum loops. They were developed as an add-on feature because some dealers requested them… but most clients don’t do much with them (which is why Roland removed rhythm loops from their pianos) and you can do the same thing with other software titles, etc. This is just a fun add-on feature for Roland. …but you never know! Things are always changing – as we just saw! Thanks again for your input! Best wishes -James

  5. John Hunt

    Hi James. Thanks very much for your reply. I’m new to the ‘digital’ piano world though I am enjoying the Roland FP-90 very much. I’m sorry to be a pain but could you point me at any apps that you might include in your comment “you can do the same thing with other software titles, etc.”? Best, John

  6. James Harding Post author

    Hi, John! Thanks for writing me back! Actually, I very much appreciated your comment. I had forgotten to update my comments on this post and I’d hate to confuse anyone. In any case, I can recommend some apps to you here: …but the software I was thinking about for drum loops is Steinberg’s “Sequel 3.” It is affordable, powerful and easy to use. Many folks also use Garage Band. …but there are a TON of software titles that provide rhythm loops. Sequel 3 just happens to offer nearly 6000 of them. lol Have fun with your piano and thanks again for finding us! Best wishes! – James

  7. Celestine Slater-Brooks

    Hi James, I am using the Netgear WNA1100 to connect wirelessly. The old version of Piano Partner automatically connects to my Roland FP-80, but not the Piano Partner 2. Is there anyway to connect my Roland to Garage Band or is there a similar app that I can use to play my piano and record songs. Thank you. — CSB

  8. James Harding Post author

    Hello, Pastor Celestine! Good news and bad news. The good news is, we have a list of all the great apps we recommend for Roland pianos. You can find it on our Pinterest page here: The bad news is that Roland’s “Piano Partner 2” app only works with Bluetooth-enabled Roland digital pianos. The FP-80 is not compatible with it. You can connect your piano to a notebook with a simple “A to B” USB cable (better known as a “printer cable”) and use Garage Band, Finale, Sibelius or Sequel 3. That is probably the easiest way to accomplish your mission. 🙂 Best of luck to you!

  9. Ivan

    Hi James, I bought a Fp-30 in Argentina. Unfortunately it hasn’t bluetooth. So, Can I use the app?

  10. James Harding Post author

    Hi, Ivan! Thanks for your email. I am sorry to say that Bluetooth is required to use the new app. Without it, the app won’t work. Check with your local Roland dealer, though, and see what they recommend. Thanks again and good luck!

  11. Jean-Yves LE GARZIC

    Hi James,
    I have just bought the RP501R and I keep having the same message when trying to connect my brand new iPad mini. I can see the piano on my iPad and it seems the bluetooth connection is working, however I have that error message that does not let me use the app : Acquisition Error / Need to connect network (E002).
    Any idea how to fix this ?
    Thanks a lot !!

  12. Raja Pranatha Doloksaribu

    Hi James. Can we connect this app using USB cable to roland piano? And can we ‘really’ connect this app to Android?

    Thank you

  13. James Harding Post author

    Hello and thanks for a great question! I am an Android user myself and I can verify that the app works great on my tablet. The problem with Android, however, is that it lacks a central “gateway” company to approve its architecture. Apple has to approve the architecture for every iOS app before it can appear in the Apple Store, etc. Thus, they are able to make sure that every iOS app works exactly the same way (with regard to its hardware interface). The Android market is far more diverse. This is good in that a huge variety of developers can create Android apps, but it also means that different Android apps can interface with your phone or tablet differently. IE – some will work with your specific brand mobile device and some won’t.

    Thus, nobody can say their app works on 100% of mobile hardware running Android software.

    Oddly enough, Bluetooth has helped standardize things a bit with its more stable (and branded) connection protocols. …so there is a good chance that your Bluetooth (4.0 or newer) – enabled Android mobile device will work with Piano Partner 2. If not, you can always connect via a USB cable. I hope that helps!

  14. Dusan

    Hi James. Im intersted in how to connect my Android tablet via USB. The point is what I need to connect tablet to my FP-30. Directly, or …?
    Thank you in advance, Dusan

  15. James Harding Post author

    Hello, Dusan, and thanks for your question. You can connect your Android tablet to the Roland FP-30 in one of two ways. If your country has Bluetooth as an option, I recommend connecting the two wirelessly via Bluetooth. Your manual will have instructions (or you can find countless videos on YouTube that describe how to do this). If not, you can connect via USB. The important thing if you chose to connect directly via usb is to use the proper USB cable. Do not connect to the rectangular USB flash drive port. Connect to the trapezoidal “USB Computer” port. Then, connect the other end to your tablet and you’ll be able to use MIDI software (including the Piano Partner 2 App) with the FP-30. I hope that helps!

  16. Nik

    This software is non-functional. That is to say I have seen it work once on my FP-90 and never again. For software to be truly ready for distribution it should work repeatedly and with ease.
    I would not buy a Roland piano with the notion that you would be using this software. It is not a finished product.
    I suspect Roland produces it to entice buyers to spend more on their pianos. Great Pianos by the way! Worth every penny. But not meant to be used with Piano Partner.

  17. James Harding Post author

    Hi, Nik! Sounds like we might have some “user error” issues here. First of all, If you’re using the Roland FP-90, you need to (A – make sure the FP-90 is updated to the very latest firmware version) and (B – make sure you are using Piano Partner 2 – NOT Piano Partner). That is the most important thing. If either of those things are wrong, the software won’t work as designed. Secondly, I would need to know if you’re connecting with a compatible device. What tablet or smart phone are you trying to use? Finally, do you have Bluetooth AUDIO, MIDI and PAGE TURN enabled on your piano? All of my clients are enjoying this software on a daily basis. We’re not seeing the problems you seem to have. I recommend contacting your Roland dealer and having them help you get everything setup. You already love the pianos… but you will REALLY love the software once you get all the kinks worked out! Best of luck to you!

  18. Dusan

    Hello, James. You so kind for requsted me. I want to clear some things, quuestions:
    – first is about previous: if I want to connect tablet via USB, I have to use USB B port on FP-30 You said. But that type of cable doesn’t exists. Does it mean that I have to mod? I have a knowledge in electronics, this is not problem, if You say so?
    The other questions is:
    – I have been connected my FP-30 to Android smartphone Huawei P8lite, and used beautifuly software Piano Partner2 (the truth is that it is litle bit like a game aplication – in my opinion), but we have a couple usable controlls over piano, and Accessible / Affordable more easier than by kezboar functions. A more usefull controll our exercises in diary.
    But ALL that we can use ONLY IF WE ARE ONLINE? Is that thrue?
    Also, where are our diary informations, are they on our tablet – smartphone? Where are they stored?
    Questions are:
    1. Need I modify OTG cable, or order somewhere?
    2. Need we be only online to use PianoPartner2?
    3. Where are stored our diary informations?

    Sincerly, Dusan.
    I wish You All the Best!

  19. James Harding Post author

    Hello again, Dusan! In answer to your first question, just purchase an A to B USB “printer” cable. The B side will connect to the piano and you can connect the A side to your tablet (depending on your tablet, you may need an adapter). As for #2, you have to be online the FIRST time you connect your tablet to a mobile device, but not every time you use it. …and, finally for #3: The diary info is stored in the app (on your tablet). I know this because it still works on pianos like the RP-102 (which do not have onboard recording capabilities). I hope that helps! Good luck! -James

  20. James Harding Post author

    Hello, Donald, and thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, there aren’t any apps that will add voices to your FP-30. To do that, you’d need to connect the piano to your computer and use software like Sequel 3 or Garage Band. If you wanted to buy a tone module and connect it as well, you could… but the total cost of equipment would be closer to the price of a Roland FP-60 (which already has a ton more voices onboard). It’s up to you. Best of luck! …and thanks for reading!

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