James Tours Roland’s American Piano Factory

The question of “How it’s Made” comes up often when discussing digital pianos.  Thus, in this issue of “Ask James,” I’ve decided to take you on a tour through Roland’s American Piano Factory to show you how they build their incredible digital pianos.  Watch this short, three and a half minute video and notice how much hand labor goes into each Roland digital piano.  You will clearly see why Roland is the only digital piano I recommend for lessons students!




4 thoughts on “James Tours Roland’s American Piano Factory

  1. David

    Thanks for posting that video. Very impressive facility Roland has here, I didn’t even realize they were assembled in America. I bookmarked this, hopefully we’ll see some more videos explaining the inner workings of pianos.

  2. James Harding Post author

    Thanks, David. I am glad you enjoyed it. I was also very impressed with all the hand labor that goes into making these instruments. …especially considering that many models are built right here in the US (The rest are assembled in Japan.).

    …and, as for the rest of your comment, you read my mind! Stay tuned. I am scheduled to film my visit to the Steinway factory at the end of this month and another notable piano assembly plant in May. More to come…

  3. David

    Excellent! I look forward to it. If you take requests, I would really like to see some footage of the internal assembly of the Steinways. There’s a certain beauty to the mechanical precision of acoustic pianos.

  4. James Harding Post author

    Thanks for the feedback, David. I do take requests! I’ll do my best to get some of that footage for you while I am in New York. Thanks for watching!

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