Gist Sponsor’s “Lights Under Louisville”

Drive your own car through this massive UNDERGROUND Christmas Lights display.

Just over a year ago, I moved to Louisville from Davenport, Iowa.  In that relatively short time, I have had the wonderful opportunity to explore some of this city’s amazing culture and – I can tell you honestly – nothing has done more to captivate my imagination than the Louisville MegaCavern.  If you haven’t had a chance to take the historic tour (offered January through October), I highly recommend it.  They lead you around in relative comfort as they explain the geology, the history and the development of this incredible man-made cave.  Beware, however, you will see some incredible things than you never believed could exist under The Watterson – underground lakes, garbage-eating worms and a 1950s fallout shelter to name a few.

…but during the Holidays, the Louisville MegaCavern transforms into one of the most incredible Christmas-light displays in the World.

Lights Under Louisville is a 30 – 40 minute ride through some of the 17 miles of underground passageways that wind beneath Gist, the Louisville Zoo and Interstate 264.  The best part?  You drive your own car through it.  My friends and I drove through it several times last year (I recommend you avoid the insane weekend crowds and go on a weeknight) and I can tell you from experience – it was amazing.

You’ll roll your windows down and enjoy holiday tunes as you snake through the darkness in a comfortable, year-round 58-degree climate.  You can even bring your low-light camera and take some of the magic home with you.

Grab your family, pile in the car and head down there this year.  Admission ranges from $25 for a small car to $75 for a full bus, but you can pickup a $5 discount coupon from 5/3 Bank or Wendys.    …and look for the Gist Piano Center sign.  We’re proud to support our friends at The Louisville MegaCavern for “Lights Under Louisville.”


One thought on “Gist Sponsor’s “Lights Under Louisville”

  1. Dan Stugis

    Terrible..and $25 is outrageous price! If you like smelling gas fumes and seeing the same 20 lighted wireforms over and over this is for you! Personally this I think is a big ripoff!!

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