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James Tours Roland’s American Piano Factory

The question of “How it’s Made” comes up often when discussing digital pianos.  Thus, in this issue of “Ask James,” I’ve decided to take you on a tour through Roland’s American Piano Factory to show you how they build their incredible digital pianos.  Watch this short, three and a half minute video and notice how much hand labor goes into each Roland digital piano.  You will clearly see why Roland is the only digital piano I recommend for lessons students!




Finding the Ultimate Worship Keyboard

[UPDATE] – It’s been YEARS since I wrote this blog.  Click here for the updated version.  Thanks for reading!

After four years of music ministry training in college and several years leading children, youth, or adults in worship at a variety of different churches, I have seen just about every worship keyboard out there.   …and, in all honesty, I didn’t like any of them. Arranger keyboards are hard to learn.

The commentaries were no help either.  Beyond “do your research, itemize your needs, and use a well-known local music store,” most articles I read had little meaningful advice.

To my dismay,  there were no good sources of information specifically geared towards worship leaders – so I had to learn the hard way.  Thankfully, I am a bit of an electronics geek and I also understand the importance of “good stewardship,” so I decided to pass my shopping experiences on to you.  I sincerely hope it helps you and your ministry.

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