Buggs Bunny and the Player Piano

This morning, I witnessed a miracle.

I had just finished opening the store and turning on our new flat-screen TVs when I noticed that someone had forgotten to turn the DVD player off last night.  As I reached for the “power” button, the piano next to me began to play.

Needless to say, I was a bit stunned.  I quickly realized that someone must have forgotten to turn off our new player piano system the night before and, just as I was about to recover, I heard an iconic phrase:  “Eeeeehhhhh.   What’s up, Doc?”  Before I could react, the plasma TV flared to life and there – before my very eyes – Bugs Bunny nibbled a carrot and sat down to play. 

My enthusiasm exploded to life as I recognized this famous cartoon from my youth.  Bugs began to dance across the keyboard – sometimes literally – as he battled his virtuoso talents against those of a cartoon mouse.  Back and forth they went – song after song – until, finally… Bugs placed a stick of dynamite under the keyboard and I jumped as the piano next to me seemed to explode.  Then, with a start, I realized…

The piano next to me was playing everything Bugs played – exactly as he played it.

With a laugh I recognized our new “Intelligent” player system from PianoDisc.  I sat down, as Bugs continued to play, and enjoyed the rest of the show.

For most people, the term “player piano” conjures up a variety of nostalgic images relating – primarily – to the pneumatic paper roll systems of old.  Exploding onto the music scene at the end of the 19th Century, these “pump and play” systems were widely popular amongst non-players, hotels, and even amusement parks.  Naturally, as technology for electronic music came onto the scene, a new breed of “player pianos” made their debut.

Over the years, “player pianos” have evolved to accept a number of different media, such as:  cassette tapes, floppy disks, CDs, and even DVDs.  Now, however, PianoDisc is taking the “player piano” to a whole new level of sophistication with the introduction of the all-new “Intelligent” system.  “Intelligent” combines today’s cutting-edge music delivery devices, like an MP3 player, with its own next-generation technology to make the “player” piano accessible to an even wider group of music lovers.

Plug in your iPod, PDA, cell phone or laptop and watch your piano play itself!  …and, with PianoDisc’s new PianoVideo™ technology, you can incorporate video into the performance – giving you the same magical experience I had this morning with Bugs.  (In fact – I now know that the Bugs cartoon is included with each new Intelligent system.)

It’s time to dust off your old piano.  It’s time to dust off your old notions about player pianos.  It’s time to bring a little magic into your life!  Check out the all-new Intelligent system from PianoDisc!

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About James Harding

From the farmlands of Iowa, James joined the Gist staff in May of 2009. James began studying classical, jazz and piano improv from 4yrs old until he graduated from Le’Ecole De La Musica at age 18. In college, he majored in voice and music ministry. Then, in 2001, James took a job managing Simon’s Music. When West Music purchased Simon’s in 2004, James became their Certified Steinway Piano Specialist. Today, in addition to his leadership responsibilities at Gist Piano Center, James travels across the United States giving seminars on music education and piano technology and he writes the monthly "Tech Beat" column for Music Inc. Magazine.

4 thoughts on “Buggs Bunny and the Player Piano

  1. Matthew

    I’ve been very pleased with my player system. Ten years ago, this would have never been possible. I just want to say thanks again to James for helping me understand how to make everything work. This sort of thing has been a hit whenever I have friends over. One day I plan to play as well as my piano does on its own!

  2. James Post author

    Thank you, Matthew! It was a pleasure working with you and I’m thrilled that you’re still enjoying your piano. Keep me informed!

  3. James Post author

    Michael, thanks for your commment. Although they are completely unacceptable lessons instruments, they won’t hold proper tune and they aren’t the best looking instruments, we do have one or two “free” pianos. Contact us for details on taking one of these trade-in pianos off of our hands.

    Keep in mind, however, that good pianos maintain their value fairly well if they are properly maintained. If a piano is tuneable, it will be worth something (even if it’s not “pretty”).

    “Free” pianos are more trouble than they are worth.

    That said, however, you’re weclome to let us know if you’d like to stop in and see for yourself. We’d certainly rather give these “retired” instruments away than pay to dump them.

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