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How to Select a Piano Dealer


Do you trust your piano store?

Do you trust your piano store?

People often compare the piano retail business to used car sales and, frankly, I can understand why.  Over the years, far too many piano dealers have participated in misleading advertising schemes, unethical pricing schedules, “bait and switch” tactics, misrepresentation and outright dishonesty.  It’s gotten bad enough that those of us who truly care about our clients have to work ten times harder to earn their trust.  Piano shoppers today often experience real fear at the prospect of giving an unfamiliar business their hard-earned money.   It’s sad, but it’s completely understandable. 

The rise of The Internet helped in some ways.   It’s given consumers a whole new voice.  Piano shoppers can review their dealers, leave feedback and even warn others when they feel they were mistreated.  The downside to the internet is its sheer volume of information.  Everybody with an opinion and a smart phone can create a blog.  …and while it’s great that everyone has an opinion, it’s hard to know whose opinions are based on real information and whose are based on old info, opinions or third-party propaganda.   

How, then, can you tell which piano dealers are trustworthy and which ones are just “out to make a buck”?

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