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Taking piano lessons helps students reduce stress, learn better coordination, improve social skills, calm hyperactivity, increase brain function, and even help the body produce cancer-fighting brain cells! In short, everyone should take piano lessons. Regardless of your musical aptitude or experience, the process of studying music can improve your health, your mood and your life. Take time to play!

Piano Teachers We Recommend

Selecting the right piano teacher for your student is critical to his or her success. Don't choose a piano teacher simply because he or she is close to where you live. Instead, consider your goals (and/or your student's goals) and select the piano teacher who can best help you achieve them.

The information listed below and in the subsequent profiles was provided to Gist by the teachers themselves.

If you're a piano teacher and you'd like to be listed here, contact Heather Hamilton and ask about our Partners In Education program.

Piano Teachers in Louisville

Piano Teacher Loreta Barry
Prospect, KY. (502) 797-1814
Loreta incorporates pop and “fun” songs into her regular lessons to motivate her students.
Piano Teacher Christopher Dehner
Louisville, KY. (502) 762-5800
Christopher strives to see his students develop into skilled players who enjoy music through their piano studies.
Piano Teacher Jane Deuster
Louisville, KY. (907) 232-8649
Jane mixes concepts from the Suzuki school with traditional teaching methods to give her students a customized music education.
Piano Teacher Matilda Ertz
Louisville, KY. (502) 852–0746
Dr. Matilda Ertz is an instructor of piano and harpsichord at the University of Louisville Community Music Program.
Piano Teacher JD Folsom
Louisville, KY. (502) 485-1119
J.D. Folsom helps his students understand the importance of "my best for your best."
Piano Teacher Hannah Hall
Louisville, KY. (502) 415-5122
Hannah's Suzuki approach is very effective with young beginners. Students enjoy learning good piano technique.
Piano Teacher Angela Hartman
Louisville, KY. (502) 500-5881
Angela focuses heavily on technique and music theory. She incorporates fun into every lesson.
Piano Teacher Lindsay Platt
Louisville, KY. (502) 245-5827
A firm believer that anyone can play the piano, Nancy, feels that her primary responsibility as a teacher is to nuture and guide her students.
Piano Teacher Hannah Hall
Louisville, KY. (502) 432-2760
Dawn uses private lessons and group classes to ensure that her students understand technique, theory and literature.
Piano Teacher Syndi Russ
Shepherdsville, KY. (502) 543-4194
Syndi is a church musician and private piano teacher who participates in several local competitions and events.
Piano Teacher Janice Schick
Louisville, KY. (502) 384-8711
Janice is passionate about creating "useful" students who can share their music with friends, family and classmates.
Piano Teacher Melanie Taylor
Louisville, KY. (304) 400-1489
Melanie uses her extensive collegiate teaching experience to "Taylor" her teaching style to each student's needs and goals.
Piano Teacher Brenda Wallover
Louisville, KY. (502) 468-3424
Brenda is a therapeutic piano teacher - favoring a "whole person" approach to music and expressive therapy.
Piano Teacher Joanna Ximenes
Middletown, KY. (502) 245-3592
For Joanna, piano study is a life-long passion and she enjoys sharing that passion with students of all ages.

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Piano Teachers in Lexington

Gist Piano Academy Piano Lessons in Lexington, Kentucky
Lexington, KY. (859) 254-8492
Experience the Magic of Making Music with Gist Piano Center! We offer teachers and classes for all ages.
Piano Teacher Justan Borth Gist Piano Center
Lexington, KY. (859) 245-5887
Justan specializes in voice, alto sax, percussion and grou piano lessons at Musikgarten of Lexington.
Piano Teacher Tyler Consalvi Gist Piano Center
Lexington, KY. (859) 245-5887
Tyler specializes in piano, guitar, drums, violin, ukulele, group classes and more at Musikgarten of Lexington.
Piano Teacher Marylee Hamblin
Nicholasville, KY. (859) 553-6019
Marylee Hamblin teaches individual and small group piano lessons in the Lexington, Kentucky area.
Piano Teacher Jacqueline Hamilton
Winchester, KY. (859) 711-1711
"Mizz JJ" loves to give the gift of music to her students. Her students participate in a variety of fun recitals and events.
Piano Teacher Genee Johns
Lexington, KY. (859) 245-5887
With her extensive background in music ministry and her mastery of Musikgarten curricula, Genee Johns is a well-rounded teacher for all ages.
Piano Teacher Julie Jones
Lexington, KY. (859) 219-1194
Julie believes in helping students achieve their goals - whatever they may be. To do this, she incorporates classical, pop, theory and more.
Piano Teacher Portia Lin Gist Piano Academy
Lexington, KY. (270) 535-9761
Portia uses piano lessons to help her students develop life skills, such as concentration, focus, poise and discipline.
Piano Teacher Beth Mankel
Lexington, KY. (859) 543-0788
Beth challenges her students to be well-rounded musicians with ensemble performances at Studio 88 in Lexington.
Piano Teacher Camry Miller
Lexington, KY. (859) 245-5887
Camry specializes in piano and voice lessons at Musikgarten of Lexington.
Piano Teacher Ann Norman
Lexington, KY. (859) 227-7297
Ann sparks enthusiasm for music in her students and does two recitals each year.
Piano Teacher Rebecca Putman
Lexington, KY. (859) 523-9266
Rebecca welcomes students of "all ages and stages" to study classical music, music history, worship, and more.
Piano Teacher Camry Miller
Lexington, KY. (859) 971-7441
Mary enjoys sharing her love of the piano with others.
Piano Teacher Melinda Shofner
Lexington, KY. (859) 492-0447
Melinda loves to see her students build confidence and self-esteem from making beautiful music.
Piano Teacher Nancy Stelter
Lexington, KY. (859) 254-8492 x400
Nancy uses an integrated approach, combining modern teaching techniques with classical repertoire.
Piano Teacher Nathan Stites Gist Piano Academy
Gist Piano Academy
Kate's passion is chosing music for her students that will both challenge them and ignite their love of music.
Piano Teacher Nathan Stites
Lexington, KY. (859) 254-8492 x400
Nathan builds custom curriculum for his students, focusing on technique, musical knowledge and performance skills.
Piano Teacher Jennifer Tutt
Lexington, KY. (859) 245-5887
The founder and director of Musikgarten of Lexington, Jennifer Tutt builds in her students a life-long love of music.
Piano Teacher Erin Tuttle
Lexington, KY. (859) 489-9991
Erin likes to mix it up! Each lesson begins with a little bit of drama training and them moves to piano, voice or both.

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Piano Teachers in Southern Indiana

Piano Teacher Lynette Outler
Clarksville, IN. (502) 693-9431
Lynette's studio atmosphere is one of warmth, patience and encouragement - cutting-edge with an "old school" feel.

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