Calling all Gists!

It is with great personal delight that I announce the implementation of a brand-new phone system at Gist Piano Center. We now have a new, digital system that will allow us to better service our customers’ needs and to more quickly distribute calls between our stores. However, as a result, a few things have changed. Here’s what you need to know:

From now on, when you call Gist, instead of Lisa’s happy voice (or Heather’s), you will get our new automated attendant. I know, I know! You’re not happy about that. …but, trust me, this will make your life easier. Now, with just the touch of a single button, you can go to the department you need WITHOUT having to explain everything to Lisa (or Heather) first. It saves you time and Lisa (or Heather) can get more work done! Everybody wins. …and, just because I am a nice guy, here are the new menu options:

1 – Service Department (for Tuning, Moving, Repair and Rental Services)
2 – Sales Department (for Pianos, Digital Pianos, Keyboards, Player Systems and Accessories only)
3 – Restoration, Estimates, Appraisals and Estate Documentation
4 – Print Music and Piano Lessons only
5 – Accounting
6 – Sell Your Piano To Gist
7 – Marketing, Advertising and Philanthropic Inquiries only
8 – Recital Questions
9 – Store Hours and General Information
* – Information about Careers at Gist

NOTE – There is no “Option 0.” If you press “0,” the system will get confused. Also, if you know someone’s extension (Mine is 200, Lisa’s is 300 and Heather’s is 400), then you can dial that at any time.

This new system gives us the ability to get our messages on the fly too. Leave a voicemail for any one of us and the audio file shows up in our email. We can get back to you immediately.

This may be an adjustment for some of you who are used to the old system, but I promise you’ll love the new system once you get used to it. It’s saving everyone a ton of time. Thanks for your patience and we’ll talk to you soon!

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About James Harding

From the farmlands of Iowa, James joined the Gist staff in May of 2009. James began studying classical, jazz and piano improv from 4yrs old until he graduated from Le’Ecole De La Musica at age 18. In college, he majored in voice and music ministry. Then, in 2001, James took a job managing Simon’s Music. When West Music purchased Simon’s in 2004, James became their Certified Steinway Piano Specialist. Today, in addition to his leadership responsibilities at Gist Piano Center, James travels across the United States giving seminars on music education and piano technology and he writes the monthly "Tech Beat" column for Music Inc. Magazine.

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