Test Drive a Yamaha Hybrid Piano… and WIN!

Yamaha Hybrid PianosEver since the first digital pianos came out in the early 1970s, pianists have warred over the merits of acoustic pianos vs. those of digital pianos and – though the debate is far from over – one thing has become clear:  Most players want the traditional sound and touch of an acoustic piano… but they would love to take advantage of some of the modern technologies available today if they could do so without compromising the instrument’s performance.  That is why Yamaha invented the Hybrid Piano.

Strictly speaking, any piano that combines the sound and touch of a traditional acoustic piano with electronic features could be considered a “Hybrid Piano.”  For example, Yamaha Silent Pianos are traditional acoustic pianos.  They have hammers and strings and they operate just like any other piano.  However, with the push of a button, they can communicate with computers, control other instruments and even play silently through headphones!  By definition, these pianos blur the lines between acoustic and digital pianos.  Thus, they could be called “Hybrid Pianos.”

Yamaha has gone one step further, however.  By pulling some components from their World-famous Yamaha Acoustic Pianos and adding the latest technologies from Yamaha Disklavier player pianos, the new Yamaha Hybrid Pianos are a perfect marriage of traditional performance and state-of-the-art-technology.  You won’t find these amazing instruments anywhere else either!  Yamaha is the only manufacturer to produce true Hybrid Pianos and you will have to come to Gist to experience them.

In fact, if you come in between now and January 1, you can “test drive” a Yamaha Hybrid Piano and enter to win one of your own!  Why not stop by Gist Piano Center today and “Test Drive a Yamaha Hybrid Piano?”  You won’t believe what you hear!


Yamaha Will Give You $200!

m560-girl-playing-mom-watchesIf you have been considering a new piano for your home and at least one person in your home is currently involved in piano lessons, you qualify for a FREE $200 scholarship from Yamaha!  That’s right.  Simply purchase a new Yamaha piano, Yamaha Clavinova (Model CLP-545 or higher), Yamaha Hybrid Piano, Yamaha Silent Piano or Yamaha Disklavier and you will receive $200 directly from Yamaha!

This is a fantastic time to tell yourself to quit putting off that piano purchase, hurry to Gist and select the Yamaha piano you have always dreamed about.  Click here for details and product registration instructions.

Hurry, though!  This promotion ends November 30, 2014!


New Beginnings for Piano Students at Gist Piano Academy

We are happy to announce the addition of two new teachers to the faculty at Gist Piano Academy this Fall!

Nancy Stelter, GPA faculty

Nancy Stelter, GPA faculty

Nancy Stelter grew up in Pennsylvania and recently moved to Lexington from Rochester, New York. She has extensive experience in teaching, performing and accompanying in her home studio and at a variety of music schools, including: the Eastman School of Music Community Music School, Millikin University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Nancy uses an integrated approach, combining modern teaching methods, theory and classical repertoire. Her main emphasis is on developing strong music reading skills and expressive playing while having fun making music!   You can read more and see more of Nancy here. She is currently accepting private piano students as well as offering group classes for adults!

Beginning Piano Class for Adults – starts October 2nd at 11:15am (10 weeks)

Judith Chen Davis has spent many years of her life coaching her students through the Royal Conservatory of Music program and currently teaches piano at Campbellsville University. She believes that students should have a fun time learning the basics of music and it is her goal to create students who are proficient at the piano as well as life-long lovers of music. Judith’s students frequently receive Superior ratings at the Kentucky Music Teachers’ Association’s State Keyboard Festival and she has served KMTA as a Festival Clinician in 2012 and 2013.

Judith Chen, GPA Faculty

Judith Chen, GPA Faculty

Judith focuses both on the private piano experience and on group learning. In both programs, she offers a healthy dose of music theory and aural (or “ear”) training experience. You can read more about Judith here. She is currently accepting private piano students as well as offering group piano classes for adult beginners and an exciting class called “I Used to Play Piano” for adults who used to take piano lessons.

Beginning Piano Class for Adults – starts September 26th at 10:30am (11 weeks – first class is Free!)

I Used to Play Piano – starts September 25th at 6:00pm (11 weeks – first class is Free!)


Contact Gist Piano Academy at (859) 254-8492 x400 or hhamilton@gistpianocenter.com for more information about piano lessons!


Gist Piano Center to Open Cincinnati Piano Store

It has certainly been an exciting Summer at Gist Piano Center! Almost immediately after our historic appointment as the exclusive Yamaha Piano dealership for Kentucky and Southern Indiana, we began scouting locations for a third retail store.

Several of our partners, including Roland Corporation and Yamaha, encouraged us to expand into Southern Ohio where our brand of client-focused retailing would be a welcomed change. We researched several locations and finally decided to anchor our Southern Ohio operations in Loveland, Ohio (a North-Eastern suburb of Cincinnati). From this location, we can reach out to schools, private piano teachers and musical families across the Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio area.MidWest Piano Outlet in Cincinnati, OH

The new store took several months to plan and we are very proud to announce that our new location – “MidWest Piano Outlet” will open with much fanfare on July 24, 2014. (Learn more about the opening piano sale here.)

Why MidWest Piano Outlet?

The Gist Leadership Team had several conversations about whether or not we wanted this new store to be called “Gist Piano Center.” We agreed that, in time, the Cincinnati store should have our corporate name. However, since the new facility would not offer print music, accessories or our famous “Partners In Education” program during its first year of business, we didn’t feel right about calling it “Gist Piano Center.” Instead, we partnered with the folks who ran our MidWest Piano Outlet mall sales around the area and opened our new store under their name.

Midwest Piano Outlet in Cincinnati, OHThe MidWest Piano Outlet location will serve as a distribution center for mall sales and special events. It will also be open to the public for limited hours during the week.

Just like Gist, MidWest Piano Outlet will feature Yamaha Pianos, Roland Digital Pianos, Kingsburg Pianos, and Knabe Pianos (with a variety of other instruments – new and used – that will cycle through from time to time). During the first year, as we work to develop the Cincinnati market, MidWest Piano Outlet will function as a retail outlet store – offering huge discounts on discontinued pianos, “scratch & dent” instruments, artist loaners and more. Clients who purchase an instrument from MidWest Piano Outlet will receive tuning and repair service from our full-time Cincinnati technician and delivery services from a number of local business partners.MidWest Piano Outlet in Cincinnati, OH

At a time when so many stores are downsizing, we feel very lucky to be in a growth phase at Gist Piano Center. Our focus on service – both to our clients and to our music communities as a whole – will continue to propel us to success in the years to come and we are deeply grateful to all of you who have linked arms with us to make this growth opportunity possible.

For more information on MidWest Piano Outlet, please visit the MWPO website by clicking here. Otherwise, find MidWest Piano Outlet on Facebook or Google+.


Gist Piano Center is Kentucky’s new Home for Yamaha Pianos

Since 1971, Gist Piano Center has been dedicated to three guiding principles:  to provide fine pianos at the best prices possible, to educate area families about the benefits of music making, and to introduce Kentuckiana piano teachers to new technologies that will enhance learning and inspire students of all ages.  In keeping with these principles, we are proud to announce that – as of April 3 – Gist Piano Center is Kentucky’s new home for Yamaha Pianos.

Yamaha Silent Pianos at Gist Piano Center

Have you ever tried a regular “wood and strings” piano with headphones?

One of the top 5 largest musical instrument companies in the World, Yamaha Corporation has a long history of piano innovation.  In the last decade alone, Yamaha has entirely reinvented itself, shedding the image of the “bright pop piano” and providing instruments with incredible range and depth.  In recent years, Yamaha has redefined the piano business, adding new instrument categories that meet the needs of today’s music students in ways no other manufacturer can.

  • In 2008, Yamaha purchased the Austrian piano maker, Bösendorfer, and began to integrate their warmth and depth into the Yamaha piano sound.
  • In 2009, Yamaha blurred the lines between acoustic pianos and digital pianos as they introduced the all-new AvantGrand hybrid pianos.
  • In 2011, Yamaha introduced new, handcrafted CF-Series Premium Pianos based on Bösendorfer designs and 11 years of feedback from World-Class performers.
  • In 2013, Yamaha released the entirely re-designed CX-Series pianos – replacing the popular C-Series with pianos of greater warmth, depth and resonance.
  • In 2014, Yamaha is introducing yet another category of piano – the TransAcoustic piano.  This instrument functions just like any acoustic piano, but – with the flip of a switch – it can transform its soundboard into a loudspeaker for the piano (and other digital sounds).

Considering Yamaha’s tremendous reputation with piano technicians, their track record of innovation and their dedication to music education around the World, we at Gist are happy to finally welcome this iconic company to our family.  We encourage you to visit us in Louisville or Lexington and spend some time exploring the All-New Yamaha.  You won’t believe how affordable “World-Class” can be.

Click here and Explore Yamaha Pianos at Gist Piano Center!